Month: August 2023

The Fire Tornado


 A fire tornado can start forming when a wildfire makes the air so hot. The hot air can make the air rise up very quickly and  pulls in the wind and create a twisting tornado.Fire tornados are 10-50 metres long  and they last for a few minutes.

The largest fire whirl occurred in 1923 in Tokyo and it killed up to 38,000 people in less than 15 minutes. A fire whirl can reach up to 1,090c. A fire whirl can reach up to 200 kilometers and   a tornado causes major damage to lands,belongings and people. 

The biggest fire whirl is the wilder they can become which means the more disaster it can cause and it can also cause a lot of tragic deaths. A fire tornado’s colour can be blue which will be called a blue whirl and for the normal fire whirl the colour is Orange, Red, Yellowish and blackish colour which is extremely terrifying.    

The most recent fire tornado is in Hawaii in the island of Maui and it’s been going for over a month and it’s still going right now.
The rating  of people dying is around 59 but it’s been going up.