Our visit to the Stone Cottage

On Tuesday the 17th of October Saintpatricks school went to Panmure Stone Cottage to take a look at the old history in the 1800s – 1900s.  But before we went to the Cottage, Rm7 had to line up in a single file and my friends Feao and Joyla were in charge of the camera because they had to take photos of our experience at the stone cottage.


 When we got there we were greeted by an old couple named Patrick and I don’t know the two ladies’ names . The lady showed the living room first and she was explaining where the cottage was at first because the Stone Cottage wasn’t there back in the days it was on the road that Panmure Mcdonald’s is on today . Then she showed us some of the old things that got donated.


 Then she showed us another room which was the first bedroom. She showed us some clothes that they used to wear when they were little. She also showed us dolls that little girls would play with and she showed us the toilet but it wasn’t a  normal toilet it was a little  thing that looks like a pot.


Then she took us to the kitchen .                                                                 All of the rooms were really small so we all had Squish. She showed us  the pots and the stove Then Patrick took us up stairs and showed us the other bedrooms. When we were walking up the stairs Patrick said to split up into two groups and the groups take turns in each room.In the second bedroom was a mannequin dressed in clothes and  there were also two side bed tables and two near the door.


 Then we went into the other room but it wasn’t a room to sleep in, it was just a room full with other old things like a corset, perfume, a typer, tea pot and boots. On the other side of the room was an anchor. There was a cupboard full with tinydolls, plates and cups. Then Patrick told us to make our way back down stairs. When we got down stairs we had to say bye and walked back to school.

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