Month: September 2023


What is social media?

        Social media is apps that you can post photos/videos that other people can see and you can talk to other people that you do or don’t know .Social Media is how people make trends/videos. It’s when they post a video on the internet and other people see it and they make the same video and it turns into a trend . 


Online shopping is really used to buy things overseas or just if you don’t want to go inside the shops . The scary part about online shopping is when you search for things that you want and it will come/pop up with things that  you want because they save your search history so they know what you want so they will recommend things that they already know. That’s how people know A.I is saving their search history. 


Why is social media unsafe/bad?

Social media can not be safe in so many ways , like lots of people blackmail. Blackmail is when someone threatens you to do something then you get so scared

 that sometimes you have to listen and that’s when we should get our parents involved not because you are scared but because they should know what is going on.  Sometimes it can be scary because people can post bad things on the internet that kids can’t see. That is why social media is not that safe for kids. People also cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is used A LOT, most people insult others for fun and others do it because they are not happy with their lives.  



Why can social media be safe/good ?


There are not really many good things on the internet but I know that if your kids go out or go missing and they have a phone on them you can go on your phone and see their location but at the same time it’s bad . If you’re in danger you can go on your phone and call for help and they can do their best to help you or get help for you .

Why AI is good and bad

The reason why AI is good is because it can be used for a good cause. It can help people who have  depression or anxiety and maybe Listening to music can keep them calm and can lower their stress.It could also be used for work. Sometimes help the world forget people’s insecurities about themselves.


 AI can help people to get your mind off things that you don’t want to think of. You can discover new things that you are passionate about and it can help you get money if you are in need. It can help you build more confidence and enthusiasm.


The reason why it’s bad – It can ruin our preparation and people can post things that other people won’t want. People can spread FALSE rumours about you and could put the whole of social media against you though you have done nothing. People also use AI to DEEP FAKE your face. Deep fake is something that people can use for catfishing and could steal your whole identity.


 A.I users can get any type of picture or video to put your face on top of theirs and people can use that for bad use or use your identity for their social media.  Stock photos-stock photos are used for anything and you don’t need to ask permission to use it.Stock photos have filters on it.


AI can be used for all sorts of things . That’s why AI is good and bad.