Ki Orahi

Recount of Ki Orahi


On the 13th of June 2023 room 6,7 and 8 did ki orahi. Ki orahi is a game that St.Patrick’s plays.but the day before we all went under the canopy. everyone lined up in their house colour. The teachers were just telling us what to wear. We just Needed to dress up in our colours.I was in  


The next day everyone was dressed in their colours. We all were into houses. The names of the houses are Kauri, Rata,Rimu and Totara.Totara  was yellow, Kauri was green,rimu was blue and Rata was red.


The first team to vs is kauri vs Rata kauri won. Then it was Rimu vs Totara Totara won. Then it was kauri vs totara and kauri won. Then it was Rata vs Rimu  and Rimu won and then it was Kauri vs Rimu and Kauri won then it was the Finals and Rata won. 


Then we all went to the canopy then couch trey we all did a drum roll before couch trey announced the winners and the winners were kauri.

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